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Is Your God Big Enough? Close Enough?
You Enough? Jesus and the Three Faces of God

This book presents a new framework for knowing the God of Jesus Christ. It reveals, in biblical, experiential, and contemporary terms, the Three Faces of God. These three dimensions of God uncover the bigger, closer, and more human God than many commonly understand and experience. These have long been hidden behind the traditional words and images of the “Father, Son, and Spirit” of the Trinity.

Others have presented parts of this path, or one or two Faces of God, but no widely recognized Christian group has yet fully integrated all Three Faces of God. Most denominations, churches, and Christians hold to one or two of these and dismiss the other. Most disagreement among Christian groups are over these three dimensions, arguing for one or two and against the other.

The three-dimensional God that Jesus demonstrated is God-beyond-us, God-beside-us, and God-being-us. This last one is least understood in the West. It is, in part, Spirit within, which is best understood biblically as divine-human consciousness in all its modes.

This is a God who is big enough for our minds, close enough to our hearts, and us enough for, and as, our deepest identity.

Images and narrative to supplement Is Your God Big Enough? Close Enough? You Enough? Jesus and the Three Faces of God
by Paul R. Smith

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A Unity minister teaches the Three Faces of God

Here is a Unity approach to introducing the Three Faces of God. Watch Daybree Thoms as she beautifully introduces the Three Faces of God to her congregation in these four 20-minute inviting videos.



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Integral Christianity: The Spirit’s Call to Evolve!

THE EVOLUTION OF ALL RELIGIONS into deeper, wider, and higher dimensions is crucial to the evolution of human spirituality and consciousness. In this book Smith presents just such an inviting and expansive pathway for the Christian religion that is faithful to a Jesus-centered theology of biblical interpretation and illuminated by the emerging field of integral philosophy.

The perspectives of integral theory and practice articulated by Ken Wilber help uncover the integral approach that Jesus advocated and demonstrated in the metaphors of his time – and that traditional Christianity has largely been unable to see.

Smith incorporates elements of traditional, modern, and postmodern theological viewpoints, including progressive, New Thought, and emerging/emergent ones. However, he goes beyond all of them and moves to a Christianity that is devoted to following both the historical Jesus and the Risen Cosmic Christ whose Spirit beckons to us from the future.

He says, "The oldest thing you can say about God is that God is always doing something new. Jesus pushed his own religion to newness by including the best of its past, and transcending the worst of its present. He calls us to do the same, whatever our religion is today. Jesus continues to be a prototype for all spiritual paths in their task of keeping up with the Spirit’s evolutionary impulse to welcome the next transcendent stage."



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Is It Okay to Call God "Mother"?: Considering the Feminine Face of God

"This book is a tour de force. It is simply magnificent, witty, scholarly, profoundly persuasive, blunt, prophetic, and convicting this slow to believe disciple all over the place."

   -- Brennan Manning,
      author of The Ragamuffin Gospel


"I'm not sure what to make of it all, but Paul Smith gives the best arguments I have ever come across for calling God Mother. For anyone struggling with how far we should go in using inclusive language, this is a 'must' reading."

   -- Tony Campolo
       Eastern College, St. Davids, Pennsylvania


"With tender power and wit, Paul Smith challenges the church to biblical fidelity and justice in its worship language. How encouraging it is to hear an evangelical male voice affirm the necessity of feminine images of God! This outstanding book so clearly and convincingly demonstrates the biblical imperative for inclusive God language that the Christian community can no longer ignore it."

   -- Jann Aldredge-Clanton, Ph.D., Chaplain,
      Baylor University Medical Center;
      author of God and Gender and God: A Word for Girls and Boys


 "In the often difficult debate over language and God, this is a thoughtful and productive contribution to this important and complex subject."

   -- Dr. Roberta Hestenes, President
      Eastern College, St. Davids, Pennsylvania