Hell? No!

Did you know that Jesus taught more about hell than anyone else in the Bible? Did you know that he never once connected hell with whether one was a Christian or not? Did you know there are over thirty passages in the New Testament about Godís promise to save everyone?

Subtitled "A Bible study on why no one will be left behind," this 36-page booklet briefly makes the biblical case for the ultimate reconciliation through Christ of every person, without exception.



The Bible and Homosexuality

Subtitled "Affirming all sexual orientations as gifts from God," this is one of my most popular brochures. Thousands around the country, including pastors' groups, have used this as a basic primer on the Bible and homosexuality. The 39-pages deal concisely and directly with all the passages and arguments that are used in the current debate. It also points to other passages which can be understood as affirming all sexual orientations.