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Paul R. Smith

Paul Smith


Paul Smith, a life-long follower of Jesus, is a mystic, teacher, author, and retired pastor. His first and only pastorate was for 49 years at Broadway Church in Kansas City, Missouri. Smith came to the conservative Southern Baptist Church (SBC) in 1963, which, after a series of changes, was eventually ejected from the SBC, having evolved into the progressive integral church he has written about in his books.

Smith has taught extensively on contemporary spiritual life to many groups, churches and schools including St. Paul Methodist School of Theology, Unity Ministerial School, and Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He has written numerous publications including Tikkun, and had numerous reviews of his books and interviews with him on radio, television, and the internet.  He is a regular guest writer on the Integral Life website.  He contributed two chapters to the book, Enabling the Dialogue About Homosexuality, and has authored four books with two still in print, Integral Christianity – The Spirit’s Call to Evolve  (Paragon House and Danish edition from ID Academy Media in Denmark) and Is Your God Big Enough? Close Enough? You Enough? Jesus and the Three Faces of God (Paragon House).