God in Three Dimensions Hymn


God in Three Dimensions Hymn sung by Broadway Church

Published on Oct 5, 2013

Live video recording of Broadway Church (Kansas City, Missouri) Worship Team and congregation on Dec. 30, 2012 singing God in Three Dimensions, a new hymn to the tune of Finlandia with words by Wanda Heatwole and concept by Paul Smith.


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Here is an eight minute video introduction to Paulís brief five-part series on the practice of Transforming Friendship with Jesus. Instructions on how to access the series are available here on the vast Integral Life website.

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Integral Life was founded to help people integrate their fragmented lives through greater freedom, love, awareness and understanding. Integral Life represents an ongoing, living promise for humanity: that we may live totally free in our immense diversity, while embracing the full richness of the human experience in ourselves and others.


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