Introducing the Faces of Jesus

The Faces of Jesus on this website is a digital collection of over two hundred images focused on the figure of Jesus and his significance today. They are photographs of the physical pictures that were purchased, photographed, and hung at Broadway Church in Kansas City, Missouri from 1997 to 2017. The physical collections were then donated to Missouri Valley College in Marshal, MO where they now hang.

The underlying message of the collection is that God loves everyone, unconditionally accepting and including all people in that love regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, differing abilities, appearance, religion, lack of religion, or any other differences.

In addition, we all, regardless of our religion or lack of religion, bear the image of God and are participants in the divine nature.

The collection explores these values at the intersection of art, religion, and spirituality in the context of Christianity, the largest religion in the world.

One does not need to be a Christian to admire the man named Jesus, the Palestinian Jew who taught there two thousand years ago. Jesus’ entire life demonstrates how to love unconditionally and selflessly. Jesus spoke truth to power in a particularly subversive way aimed at changing one’s inner world which would result in a change in the outer world. He called out the religious, political, and social oppression of his day and advocated for the oppressed people around him. He is a compelling figure today as various groups attempt to understand and interpret his universal message of inclusion, love, peace, and spiritual awakening.

The choice of these images and the narratives that accompany them are based on the understanding of Christianity explained further my 2017 book, Is Your God Big Enough? Close Enough? You Enough? Jesus and the Three Faces of God.

The Faces of Jesus collection is divided into Viewing Sacred Art and seven chronological parts that reflects the history of the life of Jesus. Click on the part, or parts, you wish to view.