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Marcus J. Borg is internationally known in both academic and church circles as a Jesus and biblical scholar, lecturer and author whose interests are also broader, focusing on what it means to be Christian today — especially what it means to be an American Christian in a time of a deeply divided American Christianity.

He is the author of twenty-one books, several of which have been best-sellers. Many have been about Jesus. And some have been about God, the Bible, the New Testament, the heart of Christianity, and reclaiming Christian language.


Marcus Borg Postmodern Jesus Scholar - A Portrait of Jesus


God is real.

The Christian life is about a relationship with God as known in Jesus Christ.

It can and will change your life.
  ~ Marcus Borg


The Christian faith is a historical faith which emerged from a historical person: Jesus of Nazareth.

History has always informed the Christian faith: creeds, councils, and developing traditions over the centuries have led to present day belief systems.

This study takes a step further back in history to learn more about the historical Jesus.

join in this exploration of Marcus Borg’s portrait of Jesus and what it can mean for Christian life and faith.