Jesus Path

Eleven Points About the Jesus Path

 1.   The Jesus Path is an approach to God found in the life and teaching of Jesus.


 2.   This path assumes there are other authentic paths which go by many names.


 3.   This is a way of infinite evolutionary development.


 4.   The Jesus Path invites us to experience God in the three ways that Jesus did as he spoke about God, to God, and
as God.


 5.   The Bible is an indispensable resource for the Jesus Path.


 6.   Because the God of Jesus is love, no one will be left behind.


 7.   Transformative spiritual practices can lead to experiencing our oneness with God and awakening to our own divinity.


 8.   The supreme expression of loving God is loving others.


 9.   Dying to our false self so that our True Self may flourish is an intrinsic part of the Jesus path.


10.   The self does not evolve in isolation but with others on the same journey.


11.   The innermost longing of the human heart is to live in union with God.